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I have often said that I married, "one of the good guys," and many of my friends and family feel the same.

To celebrate that and realizing that it is a real challenge to be a good guy in our world today, I took the saying and made it into a printable download. It is in a limited selection of sizes as this is something that I would imagine you would primarily print out using your home or office printer. 

I'm making it FREE for a limited time to celebrate all the GOOD GUYS out there!

In addition to this printable, I also made the saying into mugs, t-shirts, and a baseball cap. 

These are available at the Bibleverse t-shirt and mug shop, CLICK HERE to go to them. 


No printed image or frame will be sent. You can immediately print out the digital image in a variety of sizes and resolutions! And you can make as many copies as you want for no extra charge.

There are no physical products shipped and the frames are not included. The downloadable files can be printed using your desktop printer, at local printing places like Costco and Staples, or sent to an online printing service like Vista Print, Printify, and many others. Images are also included so you can use the image in your personal or church social media. The Dollar Store and Michaels have frames in many sizes at reasonable costs you can use for the printed images.

After purchase, you will receive a downloadable ZIP file in the limited sizes below:

Files for Home & Church Printing
4) 5x7, 8x10, 8.5 x 11 inches high resolution PDFs
5) A4 high-resolution PDF
6) 300 dpi high-resolution jpgs in each of the sizes in this section


By downloading the products you agree to the statements that follow:
  • Refunds are not given after the file has been downloaded.
  • You may print out the materials for use at home, church, or as a giveaway from a business, but you may not share or give away the original, digital files. 
  • You cannot sell, share, or use the download commercially. You cannot create something from these files in print or physical format and sell it.
  • These files, the specific arrangement of words and images are copyrighted by ©Yvon Prehn. Yvon Prehn does not claim originality in words or image creation, only in the arrangement of copyright-free material.
  • Purchase does not transfer rights other than the reproduction rights above. 


  • You must use a PC, tablet, or desktop computer to download the images, you cannot download them from a mobile device.
  • Because of the many different technologies and skill levels involved, I cannot help you with printing or using the images.
  • Colors may vary slightly due to monitor display, printing paper, printing device, and ink used.
  • Layouts may vary slightly from the representative images as I readjusted various sizes for the optimal spacing with each size.
  • I cannot give you any help with printing issues with your printer, outside companies, or software.
Though you can buy individual files to try them out at 1.99 each (or try a free file, these change periodically), the best deal is to buy a yearly subscription at $36—that way you have access to all the files 24/7 and you can use them however or whenever you want. CLICK HERE to go to the subscription plan.

Thank you for shopping at the Bibleverse Shop!
You will get a ZIP (1MB) file